Friday, July 3, 2015

Being a parent without letting go of my dreams

When I was younger, I had high aspirations. I wanted to be an engineer or an entrepreneur. After I got married, that vision changed a little bit, but never went away. When my son was born, everything changed. I was consumed by Parenthood with a capital P. Being a mom was my full time job. I lived and breathed it. Dreaming of my future turned into plans and hopes to give him a good life by any means necessary. Now that he's a little older and I'm getting some sense of myself back, my dreams are starting to return to me, and I've been thinking about the balancing act between Jodi the person, and Jodi the mom.

My ultimate goal is to have a boutique, online and possibly with a physical location. That, and I want to keep writing. Eventually I want to settle into a couple of niches with that, namely parenthood/finances/entrepreneurship. I don't have a hard business plan, but I want to be successful enough that my husband and I can work from home together until the kids are grown (at which point we might open a physical location).

That looks a lot different from what my plan looked like a few years ago. I wanted to get rich off of some wildly successful business that also helped the environment. I wanted to travel, and be important. I wanted to be queen of my world.

So things have changed a lot. But honestly, what's most important to me is that I'm still dreaming. I'm reclaiming my identity from Jodi the Mommy, and realizing that I can and will be a person all my own, with dreams and hopes and aspirations that fill my soul with happiness. When Colton was born, I lost that person for a while. I just know it's really great to have her back.

If I could give any parent out there one piece of advice, it would be not to stop dreaming just because there are kids in the picture now. Don't let your identity as a person be devoured by your responsibilities as a parent. When you are whole and fulfilled, that's when you can be the best parent. A parent that exemplifies confidence, drive, self-love, and working for your goals is the best kind of parent I can think of.

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