Thursday, December 29, 2016

Three Tips For Making Money On Clickworker When Work Is Slow

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Clickworker can be a great source of income from home. When work is good, it’s really good -- I’ve made around $25/hour some days. However, work can also slow down to a crawl -- especially at the end of the year and beginning of January! I thought I’d put together a few tips to help my fellow Clickworkers (or those thinking about joining!) keep profiting through the off-season.

Refresh often.
New jobs pop up every few minutes (even this time of year, there are new jobs available at least two or three times an hour). If there’s nothing available, refresh every few seconds until something is! It may feel like wasted time, but a little bit of piecework is better than nothing!

Don’t get hung up on UHRS.
If there’s nothing available on UHRS, check on the jobs available on the main workplace! No, they don’t always pay as well, but there’s usually something to do when you’ve exhausted your higher-paying options on UHRS.

Consider having Clickworker as your backup to other money-makers.
When work is extremely slow, it might be a good idea to switch back and forth between Clickworker and other survey or microwork sites. Work is often slow across ALL of these sites during this season, so leveraging a few at once will help make sure you’re not staring at a screen all day waiting for something to do.

At the end of the day, know that Clickworker will not always be able to provide you a liveable wage. During busy times, it’s possible to make well over minimum wage -- but when things are slow, I’m lucky to make $3/hour. While this is nowhere close to ideal, it can fill in the gaps when work is slow elsewhere online as well. Clickworker isn’t a site that can put a full-time income in your pocket year-round, but even in the offseason it can be worth your time if you don’t rely on it too heavily and you’re smart about finding work.

*This is an affiliate link. If you sign up for Clickworker through my link, I will be paid $5 after you make your first $10 through the site.

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